10 YEARS, 10 TRIUMPHS : Triumph 2

NYCA Founded First Charter School in NY Exclusively for Kids with Autism

In 2005, we envisioned a place where children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) would not only learn from others but teach valuable lessons to their typically developing peers, teachers and community. We are proud to say that over the past 8 years we have seen this vision come to life.

Today, the NYCA Charter School, led by Director Julie Fisher, is a separate organization that continues to exceed our expectations. It has even created a unique Peer Mentoring Program that is the perfect example of how everyone benefits, when everyone collaborates.

This video tells the story of Antonio and Josh, Brandi and Natalie, participants in the Peer Mentoring Program and gives a promising glimpse of what the future holds.

New York Collaborates for Autism is very proud to have brought the NYCA Charter School to life and even prouder to share and support the amazing work they are doing today.

If you would like to learn more about the NYCA Charter School or to make a donation to the school, please visit the website