Satya, jewelry designer and the owner of Satya Jewelry, approached NEXT for AUTISM to partner on the launch of The Beautiful You Collection, which she had designed to honor the individuality and gifts of those on the autism spectrum. Satya is committed to celebrating our community and has pledged to donate a portion of the sales to NEXT for AUTISM.  She shared why in her own blog, reposted her.

I’m so excited to share a project that I’ve been dreaming about since my son Jack was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorders or the early stages of autism.  My little Jack was only 18 months-old at the time and developing just like his twin brother, Thay. Then he stopped talking and would no longer look at me.  I’m sure that every parent of a child with autism has replayed in their mind this very first moment when something just wasn’t right.

Four months later on their 2nd birthday, I was looking at my boys side by side and knew that something was wrong. I was mostly concerned about Jack’s lack of speech, as the few words he had known were now muffled.  Right away, I asked his pediatrician for a recommendation, thinking he just needed some help with his articulation. But after speaking with three different speech therapists, we were referred to a home evaluation agency. This is when our lives changed forever.

As a parent, being told your child has a diagnosis of something you know nothing about is terrifying. So many emotions set in, from sadness to fear, anger, and grief.  But I knew I had to keep going. For the next 8 years, I became a mommy on a mission to understand my son’s diagnosis. I feel very blessed to have worked with so many incredible doctors, healers and organizations that have helped us on this journey.  But more importantly, what a blessing it was to learn and understand my son and this incredible community of families that have embraced us.

Having been a child advocate for most of my life and having leveraged Satya Jewelry as a means to help children in need, it’s now my turn to give back to this community, my community. I’ve teamed up with NEXT for AUTISM, an amazing nonprofit dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of individuals and families who are living with autism.

We are so excited to launch “The Beautiful You” collection that celebrates the unique gifts in all of us. The pieces we’ve designed are a reminder that by embracing our differences and supporting one another, we are all one. To me, this collection represents hope, love, inclusivity, and understanding for all.

For each piece sold, Satya Jewelry will donate $40 to NEXT for AUTISM.  I hope you will join me in celebrating the light in all of us.

Thank you and Peace.