On a recent afternoon, representatives from Queens Public School 219 brightened our day with an uplifting story about their school’s campaign to celebrate diverse abilities, “Embracing the Amazing.”

The K-8 school in Flushing, Queens enrolls 700 students, twenty-seven percent of whom are on the autism spectrum. During the month-long celebration, children in the lower school marched through the hallways carrying banners and signs about the importance of embracing everyone’s unique abilities.   Older students, faculty and administrators cheered them on.  In classrooms, after conducting self-studies, students created identity figures which they also shared with the school.

As part of the campaign, parents held events and sold 2000 cupcakes (!) to raise funds which they generously donated to NEXT for AUTISM.  Second grade teacher Jessica Stolz and parents Aana  and Tahrin Aman, delivered the donations after intensive research into worthy autism organizations.

“We went online and researched organizations whose values and mission matched ours, and that’s how we found NEXT for AUTISM,” our new friends explained, adding that they share our belief in empowering people with autism to thrive.  We’re humbled and grateful.  Thank you, PS219!