We entered 2019 redoubling our efforts not only to build excellent model programs for people with autism and their families, but also to better define ourselves as an organization.  I’d like to share some of our evolving insights with you, as they are our guide to moving forward.

We Reimagine Autism Services.

NEXT for AUTISM challenges assumptions and accelerates change by designing and supporting model programs for people on the autism spectrum and their families.

We Envision a Different World

  • In our world, individuals with autism live fulfilling and meaningful lives.
  • They are supported by strategic services that empower them to thrive.
  • They have equal opportunities in our workplaces, businesses, and communities.

We are Change Agents

We take risks with bold ideas, iterate our designs, and incubate new programs.  While we focus on the needs of those living with autism, our intention is nothing short of disrupting current thought and practice.

What we know about ourselves is this: simply doing what’s been done is not going to meet the stubborn challenges facing individuals with autism and their families.

With your support, we plan to continue our 16-year track record of launching pioneering, model programs. Extraordinary opportunities do not just happen. We make them together. And together, we will imagine and build a different world for individuals with autism.

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President and Co-Founder