Over 6 Million Watched Jodi DiPiazza & Katy Perry 

This year NYCA is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by sharing our 10 triumphs in autism. In reflecting on the last 10 years, a very special moment stands out – the unforgettable duet of Jodi DiPiazza and Katy Perry at Comedy Central’s biannual benefit Night of Too Many Stars hosted in partnership with NYCA.

We have seen this clip many times and over 6 million people have viewed this video on YouTube, yet it never gets old. Each time we watch, we are reminded of the possibilities and the hope for people with autism.

Jodi is an inspiration and living proof that with the right care and services, people with autism can realize their full potential. We hope that whether you’re watching this video for the first time, or the 10th time, you are inspired.