Launching a child into adulthood is, by all standards of motherhood, an endeavor of balance.  It requires both faith in your child’s ability to be independent and confidence that she will circle back to you for support and love. For a mother of a child with autism, gaining interdependence with your child can be elusive, but if achieved, it can be immeasurably rewarding.

This is certainly true for 81-year-old Annette Lazilli, whose daughter Jeanine lives semi-independently with supports and has been employed since age 19.  “I wanted to make Jeanine as independent as possible,” said Annette in this moving video. “She needed to know how to take care of herself.”

Thanks to her mother’s planning and their tender bond, 47-year-old Jeanine lives the engaged and productive life that NEXT for AUTISM desires for all adults with autism within our community.  We hope you’ll be inspired by their story as much as we are.

Happy Mother’s Day!