NEXT for AUTISM (formerly New York Collaborates for Autism) is a non-profit organization that strategically designs, launches and supports innovative programs to improve the lives of people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Program Building

At NEXT for AUTISM, we operate as social entrepreneurs.  With each new project, we identify best-in- class initiatives, collaborate with partners, and provide seed funding to create cutting-edge, model programs. We focus on excellence, outcomes, and the potential for dissemination nationally. Once we have designed and launched the programs, NEXT for AUTISM continues our involvement over years, by providing:

  • Tactical and strategic direction
  • Programmatic and operational consultations
  • Staff training and board development
  • Additional financial commitment when appropriate


We partner with national organizations, regional agencies, and local entities to enhance services for people with autism and maximize resources.  Mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations such as NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University and Weill Cornell medical schools, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Project SEARCH, the TEACCH Autism Program at the University of North Carolina, the JCC Manhattan, and Hunter College at the City University of New York, have led to the creation of extraordinary programs for children, adolescents and adults.  See our partners here.

Criteria for Our Work

  • Do our programs strive for excellence, to be the best-in- class?
  • Do they promote greater integration of individuals with autism and participation in their communities?
  • Do they achieve wider national impact as dissemination models?
  • Do they serve as catalysts for systemic change in perspectives and practices in the field of autism services?


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