The Lucky Ones

Pictured above: Edwin (left), Leo (center) and Kevin (right). When Ed Tournu’s leg was amputated due to a medical condition, he felt that his life was over. “I thought I was going to sit in a wheel chair all day and do nothing,” he recalled. [...]

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Father’s Day, Venturing Into the Deep End

By: Steven Kantor Typical greeting card sentiments just don’t capture the joys and disappointments of being a father of a child with autism.  My youngest son Ari, now 18, was diagnosed with autism at 23 months. I dream of designing a greeting cards line for [...]

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What Father’s Day Means to Me as an Autism Dad

By: Rick Goldsmith NYCA Board Member Traditionally, Father’s Day is considered a time for children to honor their fathers by buying them presents, treating them to breakfast, or letting them do whatever they want. However, it is also a time for fathers to reflect on [...]

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