2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us on the new, Next Gen board. We formed early last year and by summer, had gotten to know each other and gain a greater understanding of the excellent work that NYCA does.

Each of us has been impacted by autism, either directly through siblings and cousins or indirectly through friends. Each feels compelled to volunteer our time and skills in order to sustain NYCA’s smart, entrepreneurial approach to creating model programs that empower people with autism to live productive, fulfilling lives.

In November 2016, we hosted our first fundraiser at Goldbar in Manhattan, and are proud to report not only generous in-kind support, but also over $43,000 in donations.  We’re excited to build on this momentum, and look forward to engaging with all of you, our community, in 2017.

We wish you and your loved ones success and happiness in 2017!